API Documentation

The Voicepods API is a premium feature that programatically allows users to access and create resources on Voicepods. 


Description Of Usual Server Responses

  • 200 OK – the request was successful (some API calls may return 201 instead).

  • 201 Created – the request was successful and a resource was created.

  • 204 No Content – the request was successful but there is no representation to return (i.e. the response is empty).

  • 400 Bad Request – the request could not be understood or was missing required parameters.

  • 401 Unauthorized – authentication failed or user doesn’t have permissions for requested operation.

  • 403 Forbidden – access denied.

  • 404 Not Found – resource was not found.

  • 405 Method Not Allowed – requested method is not supported for resource.



The URL for the API is hosted on app.voicepods.com 


Each request has to be accompanied by a header that contains the API Key for your user. To get your API Key, click your email on the top right, and click API.

Then in each request, attach the Authorization header with the value Token token=YOURAPIKEY




List all of the Projects

GET app.voicepods.com/api/v1/projects

Example Response


List all of the Pods

GET app.voicepods.com/api/v1/projects/<project_id>/pods

Example Response

Create a Pod

POST app.voicepods.com/api/v1/projects//pods

Attach JSON with the following structure:

    “data: {
        “title: The title of your Pod,
        “body: Content that will be converted to audio,
        “published: YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS,
        “author: Your Name,
        “voice: noah # See Voices Page for different options. This text will always be lower cased to match.

Example Response

If Successful:

If Failure: