Take Control of the Voice

The Editor Experience

The Voicepods Editor makes it super simple for anyone to create realistic text to speech by providing granular control to how you can tune the voice. This is just the start. Our goal is to keep refining the audio until we can produce all human expressions.


Create dramatic pauses, ensure that your audio is spread out. You can add pauses from 1 to 10 seconds long.


Highlight words or phrases and change the emphasis in which they’re pronounced. You can choose Strong, Moderate, or Reduced.


Spelling Bee time? Make your Voice spell out accronyms or words.


Life is short. Highlight acronyms and make your voice say the full thing or substitute a word out for another.


Control the pitch of the voice in entire segments, particular phrases, or words. You can go from Extra Low pitch to Extra High.


Be loud! Or really soft. You can control the volume of phrases and words individually. You can choose from Extra Soft to Extra Loud.


Sometimes you want to slow things down, or speed things up. We can let you do both. Choose a speed in percent. 50% would be half the speed. Beyond 100% would make it faster than normal.